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Surname: Hale


Hale is a surname. Lords of Loddon-Hales, Hale or "De Halys" traces back to Lord Roger De Halys circa , whose descendant Lord Roger De Halys married Alice Scrogins circa whose daughter Alice Hale married Thomas, Prince of England (Son of Edward I of England), those who were the ancestors of William Hale who married Rose Bond of Kingswaldenbury, their grandson George Hale (A Drummer) came to America on the ship "Supply" in where he lived with the governor Sir Frances Wyatt of Virginia. Other Hale descendants also use the noble title Earl of Tenterden, Viscount of Tinsdall and the Baronets Of Beakesbourne and Coventry. Many Armorial achievements have also been used by Hale descendants. It is said that the Hales were related to Saint Edmund, King of East Anglia in which the Hales get their Arrows pointing downward in their coat of arms.

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