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Surname: Andrade


Andrade is a surname of Galician origin, which emerged in the th century as the family name of the knights and lords of the small parish of San Martiño de Andrade (St. Martin of Andrade, into the council of Pontedeume). The first mention of this small territory, is to be found in the documentation of the monastery of Caaveiro (located just km away), and belong chronologically to the th century. It was part of the region of Pruzos, which was created as an administrative and ecclesiastical territory of Kingdom of Galicia in the sixth century by the King: Teodomiro (-), through a document written in Latin called: Parrochiale suevum, Parochiale suevorum or Theodomiri Divisio. From the th century Pruzos, and therefore Andrade, were integrated into the county of Trastámara that belonged to the lineage Traba, the most powerful Galician family. By this same time the family group: Fortúnez, begins to unite their names Andrade as surname, since in this parish their family home was located. The knights of Andrade were faithful vassals of their lords the Counts of Trastámara throughout the middle centuries of the Middle Ages.

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